A Mindful Motion Course

What you will learn in the Less Stress/More Comfort course will change your life – gently, rapidly and permanently.

Stress is no longer your enemy and comfort no longer a stranger.

The changes happen fast because we are using the power of our mind and our nervous system, which communicate instantaneously through us. And changes become permanent within days.

What is it costing you right now to have challenges in your body, mind, and emotions? And how long have they been there? It truly doesn’t have to be this way. You are worthy of Less Stress and More Comfort and optimal wellbeing.

When you optimize your wellbeing, of course you will feel amazing, but so will everyone around you. This is your investment in the evolution of the species!

Can’t watch the video or just prefer to listen to things? Stream here or download to access later:

Here’s what you can expect in each module:

Module One

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Learn to notice pleasant sensations to hardwire messages of safety and wellbeing in your body and mind.

Module Two

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Learn to breathe in ways to help you find immediate balance in your emotions.

Module Three

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Learn touch techniques to empower you with tools of self-care and in-the-moment stress relief.

Module Four

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Learn to move in ways that create new neural pathways of ease and comfort in your body that will last a lifetime.

In addition to the videos, audios, and PDFs for each module, Less Stress/More Comfort also includes THREE private sessions with Pamela:

a private 90-minute Somatic Release session for gently clearing out any trauma stuck in your body (par for the course if you were alive on planet earth during any of the last 5,000 years).
two 30-minute Mindset Reset sessions for identifying and quickly eliminating limiting beliefs, such as the one we all come to adulthood having, “I am not worthy of ___________________.”

The investment in yourself is only $900 – use the code friend100 to receive $100 off!

K. Hughes

My anxiety was gone after one session and I became more resilient to stress. And now, even a year later, my anxiety is still completely resolved.

Carly Boyce, PhD

2020 required me to reach deep into my reserves and work with my own mind body resiliency. Your tools definitely helped with that!

N. Schatzman

After two sessions, I stopped taking the occasional anxiety medication and after the 4th session, without hesitation, my psychiatrist agreed that I could reduce my dose of anti-depressant. It is now clear to me that I CAN heal myself.

M. Atkinson

After my sessions with Pamela, I have observed significant changes in my mood; I have felt calmer and less reactive. My eating habits have also been affected so that I have engaged less in “emotional eating.” Overall, I have experienced a greater sense of vitality and enhanced creativity from working with her.

R. Stewart

The techniques I learned from Pamela resolved my decades-long recurring back pain.

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